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Photographed Greg Miller today.


Jeffree Forzani


from Nashville by Greg Miller


New York Rollerbladers

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Shawn Gradilone at Houston


Stinky Peppers


One of my favorite photographers talks shop.

Chris Buck at Galerie Youn


Billy Taylor


Thank you to Moray on mutantspace for the really lovely write-up that he did about my series, “Carousel.”

It’s such an amazing feeling when I see someone who truly understands and relates so much to something personal that I create.

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Sean Grossman at Houston




SEPT 14-17th


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Turn of the Century Portraiture

Over the years I’ve come up with countless ideas for photo projects, books and exhibitions; most of them don’t go anywhere but I always manage to come up with clever or stupid titles. So when Galerie Youn urgently needed a name for our show I was ready with the grand and pompous “Turn of the Century Portraiture”. Amazingly, they went with it.

Hopefully the exhibition itself will be grand and pompous itself as a lot of thought and energy has gone into the printing of it. The black-and-white prints were done by Griffin Editions, with a mix of traditional enlarger prints and digital LE (Laser Exposed), both on fibre paper. Laurent Girard, Eric Jeffreys and Grace Pomeroy are my heroes over there.

The color prints are by my friend and loyal compatriot Carl Saytor of Luxlab. Carl and I have worked on my color prints for many years and I always feel well taken care of in his hands.

My wife and I head up to Montreal tomorrow to celebrate the exhibition, and to drink lots of red wine and eat bagels.

Top Image: A 40x50” Jay-Z from 1998 being dried by a fan at the Manhattan location of Griffin Editions. Shot on 4x5” film, this looks so sweet so large.

Second Image: Posing with final 40x50” prints of Bryan Cranston & Jon Hamm (2007), and President Obama (2013). This iPhone snap does not do these prints justice (surprisingly).

Third and Fourth Images: The show features five very large prints and at 22 20x24”. Amongst these are a few images rarely seen before, including these portraits of David Cronenberg (2005), and Cindy Sherman (1997).

Bottom Image: The invite to the VIP event tomorrow evening. Note the phrase “World Renewed Photographer.” There is also a more casual reception on Saturday September 13th at 2 PM - all are welcome, so please come.

Really wish I could make it out to this. Love the Cronenberg portrait, that little bit of light on the red door is just the icing on the cake.

Billy Shields