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San Francisco Outtakes

Billy Taylor

Mick Verini

San Francisco


I don’t get to photograph a lot of rollerbalding due to my location and work schedule, so when I was in NYC last week I was pretty psyched to meet up with my buddy Sean Grossman and grab a photo. Sean had mentioned this spot, but couldn’t recall the exact location. After showing me a photo of the spot on his phone, I was able to find the street crossings upon closer examination, and we found our way.

   When it comes to lighting skating, similar to how I do portrait work, I prefer using either one light or just the available light, as it seems more natural that way for me, as well as it being less complicated of a process. The weather had been going back and forth between cloudy and sunny, so I set up an SB-800 to my left and positioned it accordingly so that, upon photographing Sean, his form would be more 3 dimensional, as well as ensuring a sharp and well lit frame.

     One of the things that you learn over time while photographing a sport like rollerblading is how crucial your timing is. I cite photographers such as John Haynes and Jeremy Stephenson as excellent examples of people who know just when to hit the shutter to get that perfect frame. While it took Sean no time to lace this trick, it took me a few snaps to get it exactly the way I wanted it, but I eventually walked away with something satisfactory, the result shown above.



(Un)Common Portraits 2

Much like The Godfather 2 my newly added website section (Un)Common Portraits 2 promises greater intrigue, and dramatic family in-fighting. Plus lots of scenes of picturesque Lake Tahoe (not really).

The Boys


David Sizemore at the NYC Street Invite


David Sizemore

Congrats to David on picking up the pro spot with Valo. Watch his welcome edit here.


Wrapped a photo story on Billy O’Neill today for Be Mag.

New work with Sean Grossman