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San Francisco this afternoon

I’m heading to California for the next couple of days to see friends and make photographs.


Petra Herceg

Photos of print recipients at yesterday’s comp at 12th and D. Shout outs to all the homies for doing their thing and a big shout out to my main Van Buren boi @irollny for the pics and being a driving force in keeping the NYC scene alive. ๐Ÿ™

I’ve been working on a lot of different stuff lately.


My TIME Has Come

Iโ€™m super honored to have this be my first TIME cover โ€“ a big thank you to Myles Little, Paul Moakley, Kira Pollack and D.W. Pine!

Top Image: More than one person has seen a Norman Rockwell quality to the cover image; Iโ€™ll certainly take that as a compliment. On the right is the sketch I sent to the photo and design team at TIME to illustrate what I had in mind (I prefer photography to drawing).

Second Image: Photo Editor Myles Little provides some direction on set. Why am I not holding the camera?

Bottom Image: Key, Buck & Peele. You can tell when people love what they do. My favorite moments of the day were watching them make each other laugh in the make-up room. This and the previous photo by Phillip McAbee.

(Source: Spotify)



Photography #SubmissionFriday:

Olive Buck

Back in November I got to meet with Chris Buck, whom is one of my favorite portrait photographers, after he reached out to me to do a portrait of his daughter, Olive. This is the result.

Got some prints in today